Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Life is a mystery

Life is seriously a mystery..
Sometimes, u feel happy n sometimes u feel sad..
And lots of other emotions that will effect u based on ur environment..
That is why, humans need someone else to support them either physically, emotionally, based on what those people needs..
When we r born, we cried, n people around us also cried because they were extremely happy when they saw a new member of family came out to the world for the first time.
The same thing goes when we r not alive anymore which people called as death..
People cried too when we are gone..
Therefore, u start ur first day in the world with people crying out of happiness around u n u end ur last day of breath with people crying around u because of their sadness..
Sometimes, the sadness r not because u r sad of their loss..
Sometimes, u r sad because u don't spend much time with them until their last breath..
That is human.. And still it is a mystery.. A mystery of emotional feelings..
All mankind never show their truest feeling in their life..
They told u they love u, but they never show how much love that he got for u..
They told u it is the truth, but u never know either they r lying or not..
They told u that they promised and seal it with an oath, but will they seriously keep all the promises to u..
They told u they r happy, but deep inside their heart, u never know how much scars they held for a long time..
They told u they r emotionless, but u never know how much grudge they kept until one day u saw them with a lot of anger in their eyes..
And once again.. Human is full of mysteries.. U never know what they hide inside their minds n hearts.. 

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